Collect your internet in a single space

Organize images, bookmarks, inspiration, and share your vibe with friends—or don't!

People use Collecta to

save inspiration organize bookmarks create moodboards share collections remember things preserve references revisit thoughts express themselves

Ever had this “where did I see this...” moment?

There’s so much inspiration around that’s easy to lose...

So what if you just have a single space for all the stuff you enjoy? That simple.

Just bring it in.
Collecta tracks the sources too.

Various media platforms conntected with Collecta.


Drag to select, drag and drop

Finder-like interactions on the web.

Collections = tags

One artifact can pertain to multiple collections. Easier to find stuff!

Keeps the source

Browser extension remembers the source of your artifact.

Search artifacts and tags

Images, GIFs, text, and web links!

Private by default

Nobody can see your stuff, unless you want them to.

Artifacts under your @name

Claim your handle, and share your Collecta profile.

Quick collect with extension

Save images with right click, or collect links with full page screenshots.

Google Chrome logo

Artifact formats

Images, GIFs, text, or links.

Image, GIF, text, and link supported.

Instant support

Chat or email with Igor about any issues. He’s at his computer most of the time anyway.

Privacy & data

No ads, AI training, or extorting money for data—it’s about service

Collecta is not about mining user data, training AI models, or dark patterns in the billing section.

Your data is yours, and you can take it away at any moment.

Collecta is about providing a space to throw your inspiration, and memorable digital artifacts in—and find them later or share your vibe with the world.

I’m lucky if you find it so useful to pay for it. That’s it. Otherwise, your data is your business. Collecta is never going to sell your data.


All features included

There’re no additional features, you have it all. All future updates and support are included.

No subscription

No fees, not monthly or annually. You pay to become a “Gatherer” forever.

500 uploads/mo

When you become a Gatherer, Collecta is yours forever. You can upload as many artifacts as you want in a lifetime, but it’s capped at 500 per month.

Most people don’t hit it though.

$ 79 .99 /lifetime

Yep, that's the price.
Pay once, use forever.



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People say about Collecta

It's like with superpowers.
I like the use of tags so things can be “filed” in different places.
This “being-tag-and-collection-at-the-same-time” thing is fascinating!


Why 500 artifacts per month limit?

To keep the storage costs manageable and predictable. Collecta is fully bootstrapped with no external funding, so I need to plan accordingly. Though rest assured, 500 is quite the limit. If you do hit it, please reach out!

How come it’s paid “once” and not as a subscription?

The amount of subscriptions in our budgets has become ridiculous. I wanted to try make a fun useful app without the negative “ugh, another subscription” perception.

Can I use it on mobile?

Not yet, but I’m planning on it!

Can I use it offline?

Not yet, but I’m thinking about it! Collecta is mainly a web app at the moment.

Are education discounts available?

Yes! Please write me a message with a proof and I’ll set you up.

More questions?

Bring all your digital findings.It’s free to start.

Download extension, drag and drop stuff, follow the updates!

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