Create your Planet Earth. internet Shelves with hundreds of artifacts.collection

Capture screenshots, paste web links, save notes, and share with the world—or don't!

This “being-tag-and-collection-at-the-same-time” thing is fascinating!

It's like with superpowers.

I like the use of tags so things can be “filed” in different places.

User profile layout on Collecta.

Watch and share Human eye.with others—or keep it to yourself.

Community page of Collecta.


Drag to select, drag and drop

Finder-like interactions on the web.

Collections = tags

One artifact can pertain to multiple collections. Easier to find stuff!

Keeps the source

Screenshots and extension remembers the source you can get back to.

Search artifacts and tags

Images, GIFs, text, and web links!

Private by default

Nobody can see your stuff, unless you want them to.

Internet artifacts under @yourname

Claim your handle, share your profile.

Right-click save

Save images using Chrome extension.

Google Chrome logo

Artifact formats

Git Cmd V to paste images, GIFs, text, or links.

Image, GIF, text, and link supported.

Instant support

Chat or email with Igor about any issues. He’s at his computer most of the time anyway.


Collecta is a project of a single person with no external funding. It only runs thanks to Collecta supporters.

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All features, but limited to 50 uploads.

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