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Keep your findings, Collector

Saw a great UI form? Screenshot & collect. Amazing interior picture on Instagram? Collect. Great website layout? Screenshot and collect (even the URL!).

Collect with othersMultiple cursors icon

Gather inspiration and examples from the internet in the same place and share it with clients or teammates. They should too!

Organize with collections

Organize collections

Create collections right when you’re adding images.

Add notes,
assign tags

Add notes and collections

Make notes to images you save to get some inspiration later.

Drag and drop

Already have a bunch to upload? Drag and drop. No windows with required fields.

Capture from

Capture from desktop

Make screenshots with our desktop app, create descriptions, and assign to collections. It also automatically saves the URL of the website you capture.


Capture from desktop

Invite collaborators like friends or clients to existing collections. Set permissions and create mood boards together.


And more on the way

Import from Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr

Mobile app for photos and uploads

Automatic collection selection based on the content

Automatic image content description