All features included

There’re no additional features, you have it all. All future updates and support are included.

No subscription

No fees, not monthly or annually. You pay to become a “Gatherer” forever.

500 uploads/mo

When you become a Gatherer, Collecta is yours forever. You can upload as many artifacts as you want in a lifetime, but it’s capped at 500 per month.

Most people don’t hit it though.

$ 79 .99 /lifetime

Yep, that's the price.
Pay once, use forever.



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20 first artifacts
on me

People say about Collecta

It's like with superpowers.
I like the use of tags so things can be “filed” in different places.
This “being-tag-and-collection-at-the-same-time” thing is fascinating!


Why 500 artifacts per month limit?

To keep the storage costs manageable and predictable. Collecta is fully bootstrapped with no external funding, so I need to plan accordingly. Though rest assured, 500 is quite the limit. If you do hit it, please reach out!

How come it’s paid “once” and not as a subscription?

The amount of subscriptions in our budgets has become ridiculous. I wanted to try make a fun useful app without the negative “ugh, another subscription” perception.

Can I use it on mobile?

Not yet, but I’m planning on it!

Can I use it offline?

Not yet, but I’m thinking about it! Collecta is mainly a web app at the moment.

Are education discounts available?

Yes! Please write me a message with a proof and I’ll set you up.

More questions?